Day Trip: Sausalito, resto FISH and HEATH Ceramics!

Just across the Golden Gate from San Francisco is a magical place called Sausalito. Come with me!

What better place to spend some time last Friday.. "working" with one of my favorite clients my daughter Lisa and one of the most upbeat sales managers at Heath Ceramics one of Lisa's best friends Sarah.

Lunch at FISH was great as always...freshly-caught sustainable seafood served up right at the edge of the sea. Fish tacos? perfection. The sun shone and we talked fabrics and projects and laughed a lot. And we were just a stone's throw away from the incredible Heath Ceramics Factory and Store, where Sarah took us for a tour of the factory and a spin around the store. A refreshing and inspiring Friday afternoon after a long busy week, don't you agree?

cross over the Golden Gate, five minutes you are in Sausalito

Sarah, left, and Lisa as we go in to a fabulous lunch!

the view from my seat in FISH

a block away from FISH is the Heath Ceramics Factory & Store; 
the original site of Heath Ceramics, 
it was built in the mid-20th century and remains unchanged

our tour of the factory begins in the meeting room, 
and shows the factory design around an open courtyard allowing in light, 
views of greenery and fresh air into the work areas

a basic coffee cup... on the left it is still formed clay; on
the right you see the finished cup after firing... it loses quite a
bit in size 

Lisa with Garrett,  one of the mold makers

I love that the wet area is tiled with.. Heath Ceramic tiles!

a very steady hand is needed to make these casserole lids 
and this is just the man for the job!

I love this little workspace... corner windows and lots of personal mementos... an artisan's corner!

probably my favorite part of the factory process... 
developing the colors for the glazes and
seasonal offerings!

beautiful pieces finished and ready for sale


three design boards of the gorgeous Heath Ceramic tile line... 
look at these stunning colors!

the timeless, elegant Coupe line has been in continual production since 1947 

I like that Heath keeps it relevant by collaborating with other artisinal, original and
handmade product lines.. such as Alabama Chanin, a longtime
favorite of mine, loved for her embroidered pieces of
hand fashioned table linens and clothing

above is the tableware designed in collaboration with Alabama Chanin...
and it rests on Alabama Chanin placemats with her signature embroidered border

another favorite of contemporary designers is the YOLO Colorhouse paint line... 

love this happy poster for "Sau sali to"   above a great selection of Heath vases

a happy sales associate... and wouldn't you be happy to come to work here everyday? 

leaving Sausalito for San Francisco... I had to take a picture of the beautiful hillside 
with trees blooming in our faux (drought-induced!) springtime... such a pretty sight for mid-winter!


images from the early days of Heath Ceramics... on top, the factory as built in
1940's, still the same today... next are buttons made by Edith Heath as
she experimented with color; next a marketing piece I think from the 60's;
and finally, a collection of images of the beautiful Edith Heath at work
through the years

the fountain in Sausalito about the time
Edith Heath opened her studio there...
in the 1940's


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