a la brocante Provençale!

Peeking into the far corners at the brocante at l'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, you might find some wonderful treasures. That's just what we did and discovered Madame's wonderful little off the beaten path shop.... one of the joys of being in Provence is discovering these breathtaking little treasures. 

Come with us next time and see {and buy!} for yourself! Or stroll into her shop with me here now... and let me know how many of these little French treasures you would like to take home with you! As for me, the chandelier called my name... but also that mirror, those horse heads, that clock...

fantastic 19th century toilette set for a very fancy French lady!

the very charming Madame is proud of her beautiful shop full of gorgeous things

love the bookcase, the mirror and the color of the walls!

painted chest with those horse heads on the wall... love this! (sorry image quality
not so great, took these all with my iPhone!)

something about this mirror I love!

it wouldn't be a Provençal brocante without a religious statue.. and tis one of Mary is wonderful, large...

the chandelier that captured my heart if not my pocketbook!


Consider joining us in Provence... you need this, cherie!
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we still have a couple of spaces left!

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