Keeping it Real: Chemex Cozy from Felted Wool Sweater

Someone I love loves a Chemex  {a naked, chilly Chemex} to make his morning coffee. But in San Francisco, where it is always un peu chilly, one must take steps to keep one's coffee warm, non?

So the perfect Christmas gift for him, {using that which I already have around the house, kind of a thing this Christmas}, is a Chemex cozy. I am going to felt an old sweater and make the cutest little jacket for this glass Chemex that you ever did see!

What do you think? that's an old brown and white (from the 70's actually!) herringbone sweater, and I'll line it with the groovy brown/turquoise remnant....don't laugh, I'm really going to make this :) !   Now where is that old leather cording, and some cool beads?

When it's done I'll put up a picture here.. 

have a great day!   Kit

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