Scouting Apt in Provence

Waking up on a Saturday morning and heading over to Apt for the weekly market is a joy. Once there, the sights alone captivate.. flowers, fruits, vegetables, cheeses everywhere; lots of fabrics, leather goods and baskets too. I was able to poke around the village and found "La Brocante".. which is exactly that... pretty much a second hand store... but hey, this is French second-hand stuff! I also had a moment to peek into a lovely design shop. 

looking beyond vegetables I spied this intriguing shop in the background!

the wicker lounger is a little worse for wear, but at 25 euro, quite the bargain too!
great collection of apothecary jars and etc in La Brocante
who doesn't like to poke around in
junk shops.. here you could score a
Ricard pitcher for pennies!

while at the market outside you could buy a bathtub full
of dried rosebuds...
...or the perenially beloved Basque striped fabrics at
a few euros per yard
... or a rosemary tree or watering can....
.. or lavender soaps....

while inside the nearby design shop, this stunning silver metallic
medallions printed onto linen and used as draperies
really caught my eye!

and this rustic lamp with it's rumpled linen shade sits
front of that exquisitely printed Manuel Canovas silk 

two more stunning silk fabrics in this Provençal designer's shop in Apt

and the beautiful work at Atelier du Vieil Apt took my breath away

after all the browsing, we ended up in this little resto a few miles away from the bustle of Apt

Come with us to Provence next time... and 
thanks for stopping by!...  Kit

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