Summer She Flew

Not believing she's almost gone, and already feeling a little nostalgic for the long lazy days and langorous warm evenings of midsummer, here are a few glimpses of our summer.. for Chris and me here in the San Francisco Bay Area...

a duck I saw, somewhere near the sea.. isn't she pretty?

remember those plums I kept posting about
on Facebook?

I spent as much time as I could in my little greenhouse
this summer.. can you blame me?

maybe take a little break from the rake

our backyard took on a "Maxfield Parish" vibe

walked past this neighbor's roses a thousand times this summer...

...on my way to the farmer's market to buy fresh eggs.

looking straight up through the sunroof while stopped in traffic
on the Golden Gate Bridge this summer

my husband's favorite, we always have
lots of artichokes when they are in

our little room at the Panama Hotel

I did not see enough of these sunsets in Sayulita this summer, that's for sure

walked and stopped here hundreds of times for croissant...
... and cafe au lait

pored over my grandmother and mother's joint passport I found
this summer.. from 1922!.. and this is just the first page! I love

the frame-worthiness of this

...and admired the dahlias and succulents that thrive in the cool..

Hoping yours has been wonderful... and if you live "Down Under"... how lucky you are to be coming into spring with summer soon to follow! Keep us posted with lovely images!


all photos Kit's iPhone

thanks for stopping by!... Kit

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