A Flea for Another Reason

Sometimes you go to a flea market because it's been five long weeks since you've seen your daughter, and she really wants to go. So on a chilly, drizzly Sunday morning after a delicious breakfast of eggs benedict (her treat!), off we went to our favorite little flea, the scrappy little Alemany Flea Market below the intersection of 101 and 280 in San Francisco.

While the rest of the northern hemisphere is suffering a broiling heat wave, once again here in San Francisco on an August morning we donned our sweaters, scarves and sturdy shoes for tromping around the flea.

There was kind of a "
take it or leave it" mood at the market Sunday.. nothing compellingly forced its way into my drifting and dreaming mind, heady with steady chatter with my darling daughter... but even my subconscious mind was able to spot some truly wonderful little bargains and I snapped them up without even skipping a beat in our conversations!

my finds for the day: a vintage record cart in blue; a beautiful
carved wooden bowl and a wonderful calcite

the little escutcheon on my wonderful vintage 50's record album stand

I am a sucker for anything in this gorgeous translucent blue-green and
this calcite at $5 made my heart sing!

ok people, this is a real steal! for another $5, this wonderfully
etched rustic wooden centerpiece bowl came home with moi!

a girl cannot have enough St. Emilion 1955 vintage wine boxes in her collection; nor enough
vintage April Cornell table cloths for summer outdoor evenings

the Alemany Flea just below the row of yellow green houses on the hillside in the south of
San Francisco... other days this is the site for a fabulous farmer's and fish mongers market

I let this Japanese warrior armor go.. even though it really appeals to me for some reason!

also let these jade birds go, and the pretty covered bowl..

still can't believe I let these wonderful fish molds go, or
the beautiful handmade 50's pottery...

a very cool vintage French cheeses poster also languished at the market waiting for its new home...

perfectly aged wrought iron garden pieces... somedays you let things go
because you just can't fit them into the back of the Soul!

a pretty perspective on the entrance to the Alemany Flea.. on a very
cloudy, chilly, gloomy and drizzly day in August!

a chilly, drizzly Sunday in August...
the Alemany Flea Market is always smaller (and the deals are better)
on the first Sunday of the month, which is when the much,
much larger Alameda Flea Market happens across the Bay.. a real
project to attend since it is huge and generally far more expensive


Thank you to everyone who was so very supportive over the last month while I was away helping my Mom... she is doing remarkably well. She is feisty, nimble and quick; she danced around the floor when we brought her home from Rehab. She is back to her old tricks: staying up until the wee hours watching old movies, sleeping in until 11 am, having her leisurely breakfast and lunch, then burning her chicken dinner! Good to have you home, Mom!

And it's good to be back home, and back to at least a blog post or two! Hope your summer has been going spectacularly!

Thanks so much for visiting!... Kit

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