We Seriously Considered Lobster {anarchy!}...

...for this Thanksgiving, but, as Dani put it so well, obligation to tradition overwhelmed whim, so dinde rôti* it was, albeit butterflied this year.

We gathered around a table that had been hastily put together for a wonderfully casual family style celebration (with all the cooking to be done, the table kind of took a back seat until the last minute!) and enjoyed what all agreed was one of the very best Thanksgivings ever!

And with the menu's nod to our southern US roots (dirty rice dressing, to die for!) and our love of the other South, the south of France, (duck rillettes with prune/armagnac sauce), we truly feasted and lingered long at the table!

Here, then, à table!

we quickly gathered purple sage and
hydrangea from the garden, then put
colorful leaves from our neighbor's tree under
our autumnal centerpiece

Gala's cream china with gold borders, the
Minton plates from the flea, country French
goblets and silver on a table laid
with old French sheet and gorgeous
silk embroidered overlay,
another flea market find!

my caterer/events daughter Lisa was aghast at
how I just "rolled" the napkins! they should have
been laid flat and hanging off the edge of the
table to be perfectly "au courant"!

assorted silver serving pieces stand ready (to be polished)
for the feast to come! They are all cherished gifts or
flea market finds

we chose the same wine for dinner, serendipitously,
that Steven chose for his prune/armagnac sauce for
the incredible Duck Rillettes he made for us!

another view of the centerpiece... our Thanksgiving
table comes very close to looking quite
Christmasy this year!! except for the autumn leaves!


we all had a wonderful day,
except, perhaps for this
little fella:

*butterflied turkey... it cooks so
fast this way, I must confess it
almost burned... but was


and are enjoying our only decently long
holiday weekend of the entire year!

merci pur la visite! ... Kit

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