Happy Birthday Claire McCluskey!

Since I have only (4) brothers, my cousin Claire is all the more precious to me. Today is her birthday, so I thought I'd post images that will mean a lot to her... really, only she will actually "get" them, but they are kind of cool, so I hope you like them too. These harken back to our childhood frolicking on the Gulf Coast and in Savannah.

Happy Birthday Claire!

Amie's wicker couch... now happily in Claire's
adorable home in Savannah

Amie and Bompoon, so very long ago, on
Coffee Bluff in Savannah

great aunt Kate's chapel in St. John's
Cathedral in Savannah

carved detail from the fireplace in the dining
room of the house in Apalach

chandelier in the dining room of
the house in Apalach... we used to watch
as the bugs got trapped in the points of
the glass and the housekeeper had to
empty them out every week!

the fort named for our grandfather in Apalach

a peek inside the fort shows this old,
crazed mirror where girls used to check
their appearance before going into the
WWII era dances

I know Claire would love a bed like this!

and living by the sea, she would adore a
table made from seashells

Claire loves blue and white

Claire, you know who this is, you and I will end up striding
by the sea just like her when we are 93 too!


Love you lots on this
very special birthday
of yours!!

beautiful beach house decor by Anne Selke
found here


Do you have someone special to you
whose birthday is coming up?
How would you celebrate that person?


thanks for visiting...! Kit

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