The Pink Chair & Camellia Snow

I'm happy to see all the pink everywhere again. And this little French Louis.."ahem"..chair from the flea market would look fabulous in some new pink, don't you think? So at the design center, I found these sumptuous Lorca jacquards made in France and Italy, through Osborne & Little. They all work perfectly with the vintage velvet I found at an estate sale the other day...four yards in perfect condition for $5!

Then, while working on this little project, I happened to look outside my studio window...and saw that our rainstorms have created a virtual carpeting of camellias on the soggy ground...gorgeous camellia snow!

Now... I'd love to know what you think: which fabrics, and in what combinations? Or just go with one fabric... which one? Such a delightful dilemma!

big, bountiful roses!

when I paused to look out the window, this
is the beauty I saw in the rain

this incredibly beautiful cotton velvet I bought
the other day at an estate sale in the neighborhood

two different camellia bushes lost their
blossoms in today's storm

I do like this pattern with pansies and
a larger whiter background...

our ground could not get any soggier!

this is a really pretty rose petal pattern, but
my daughter thought it looked like seashells...hmmm?

the side pathway looks like it needs shoveling with a snow
beautiful against the dark earth!


Benjamin Moore paints I pulled that would work with
any of these fabric choices...can you spot the one
they have called identical to Pantone's Color of the Year?
(hint: it's in the first column)

I, for one, was really happy
with Pantone's color
choice for 2011... so far
we need a lot of this color
in our weary world


while browsing for additional Lorca fabrics
I found these gorgeous embroidered
linens and velvets on the Interior Library site


Thanks for visiting! Kit

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