A Chic Provence Design Tour in the Spring!


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With winter's chill just a whisper away, it's time to plan a Provence tour in the spring! Nothing will put you in better spirits than knowing you, cherie, will be exploring a world class antiques and brocante show to your heart's content. And that you will experience Provencal life and its many beautiful aspects from a designer's point of view, knowing that every detail is taken care of for you. A little luxury in Provence will soothe the soul.

We are quite excited to announce A Chic Provence Design Tour to the heart of Provence, l'Isle sur la Sorgue for Easter, 2011. You will find incomparable inspiration for your Provence design ideas and projects on our tour in the company of like-minded souls!

C'est fantastique! Cherie, we will be there for the incomparable Foire Internationale des Antiques et Brocante a la Pacque! You must join us! You know you want to. You need this trip!

sign up before it is completely filled...
and bring your best friends along, bien sur!}

A Chic Provence Design Tour at the Conservatory of Color where we'll take a
hands-on class in decorative arts from French artisans!

you'll be visiting the land that inspired Van Gogh's
stunning Almond Blossoms!

my favorite map of la belle Provence, courtesy
of ProvenceWeb

ah! we arrive at the Cafe de France in l'Isle sur la Sorgue
just in time for le dejeuner!

another day, lunch at Bistro Industrie... pourquoi pas?

stunning antique toile de jouy
I found at the brocante

horn-handled knives with silver mounts
found at the flea market in Provence

the charming village of l'Isle sur la Sorgue with its
bifurcated river and island now home to
the best antiques and brocantes in the world is
the base for A Chic Provence Design Tour Easter 2011

you will find yourself mesmerized by the
500 vendor stalls at the Foire Internationale
des Antiques et Brocante, Easter 2011

perhaps you will need one of these,
hmmm cherie?

we will of course visit the national monument
of the Roman village that has only recently
been excavated and opened to the public

no Provence tour is complete without at least
one culinary adventure... a cooking class, cherie!
and this one is in a chateau!

can you smell the lavender yet?



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