Happy Waitangi Day*

If you live on the West Coast, you know that we have been battered with one winter storm after another, dumping tons of rain and lots of wind down on us :(, making life a little miserable and dull for us, and certainly too grey!

So when I heard the big yellow orb in the sky would be out that day recently, I called my favorite client and headed immediately over to the sea, to see if it was true. We drove all twelve miles to our favorite place to take a break from life, Half Moon Bay. This is what we saw and what we did that day:

wow, the sun breaking through the clouds while the winds still
whipped the seas to 12 foot waves and pushed the fog inland

my back to the sun showed the mists lifting, at last!

we turned around to head down the coast for a little lunch,

where we ate, well, clam chowder

after lunch we peeked into the window of a cool store I hadn't visited before

where I found the perfect bergere that would look great covered in:

George Smith nautical knots in linen, or

my other favorite George Smith linen blue print...or

even this beachy sand colored geometric would look very cool on the bergere

I even found a Valentine for my honey!
(what man wouldn't want a silvery heart thingy?)

* Waitangi Day is the day that New Zealand celebrates its founding February 6, 1840!

the gorgeous coat of arms for New Zealand

I think many of us would like to be there to help New Zealand celebrate today!

{all photos except New Zealand taken by Kit Golson with iPhone}


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