The {Rustic Chic} Oranges of Christmas

A Christmas tradition from my southern childhood, creating pomander balls by sticking cloves into oranges (or, more quickly, into limes and lemons) then hanging by ribbons or piling into a silver bowl, is a soothing, low key way to spend the rare quiet evening during the hectic holidays. I spotted these yesterday at Emily Joubert in Woodside, one of my favorite go-to shops for rustic elegance and naturally decorative things.

Pile these lovely creations into a silver bowl for chic and thrifty courtesy of Emily Joubert in Woodside

The word pomander comes from the French "pomme d'ambre, meaning apple of ambergris." The ambergris was placed in decorative cases of gold, silver, ivory, or wood and worn around the neck or waist to protect against evil spirits and to sweetly scent the wearer. They originated in 16th Century France. Today they are a stunning, thrifty and chic way to add fragrance and atmosphere to a citrus-inspired Christmas!

An antique silver pomander,

of spherical form on domed foot,
divided into six segments released
by a turning top,
the exterior depicting dense foliage and flowers,
the interior engraved with hatched floral motifs,
each segment numbered and with slide-off cover

The Low Countries,
circa 1640

courtesy Wartski

This little lemon is covered completely
with cloves, and thus, will last
for years, giving wonderful
scents to closets and drawers.

Should you wish to gather the family around a fire and good music, with perhaps a raclette and some Nouveau Beaujolais for sustenance while you create, Organic Made Easy has a post on just how to make scented pomander balls!

Raclette, yum!

Nouveau Beaujolais

Single pomander gracing silver branches
courtesy of Gail Bartel, That Artist Woman!


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