Feeding The Gypsy {King}* in Your Soul...

Sometimes....especially now when the darkness falls sooner and stays longer and the economic recovery is so not happening....you just want to take a little journey to somewhere simple and unaware of its sense of place.

Maybe you long to wander the highways and byways along the Mediterranean Coast again, pan bagnat in knapsack, exploring and hiking the wild, dusty hills and rocks along the sea, sleeping and eating at the first gite you find. You are in Gipsy Kings country (* Listen here to The Gipsy Kings), the cote sauvage of the sunny Mediterranean Sea.

Handprinted Linens by Idarica Gazzoni

When you arrive at your rustic lodgings, you are sure to find simple curtains like these drifting on the breezes there. You'll dress behind an old screen, you'll have un cafe et un petit dejeuner at an old table like this one. You'll walk on old, old tomettes (hexagonal tiles) on the uneven floor. You'll rest your head on pillows like these.

Sleeping in the sea air, you will rest well from your rambling and awake with the new dawn. With only your legs to carry you, you get an early start on the day after your strong coffee. The vistas await you.

Les Iles Sauvage in Corsica, France

Gypsy-Inspired Sofa and Pillows from Caravane

Gorgeous Pillows from Caravane

Colorful Beds & Bedding, Perfect for Coastal Hideaway, from Caravane

Your Gites on the Rugged Mediterranean Sea Coast

Tile Design and Room Design Above by Idarica Gazzoni

Antique Screen and Adorable Table Courtesy of

Tomettes on the Floor, Courtesy of Cote Sud

Your Idyllic Mediterranean Picnic Site

Your Knapsack, to Hold Your Pan Bagnat, from Caravane

Pan Bagnat ("Bathed Bread") Best Enjoyed With Glass of Chilled Bandol
Overlooking the Sea

Get the recipe at The New York Times



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