Elegant, Sustainable? Yes: My Table for Dining By Design

Well we do use what we have these days, don't we? It's a fiscal challenge to keep up with the very latest design trends. In post-Obama inauguration, I say do what you love with what you have. And do it with all your heart.

This amazing chandelier was made from found things. It graced an exquisite setting to the adoration of the critics. It did not cost much money, but it took time, energy and intense creativity to bring it to light.

Table for DIFFA's San Francisco Dining by Design:
Tresors de la Mer

Tresors de la Mer Chandelier Made
Entirely From Found Objects
{It's For Sale!}

Design concept? You are out to sea in your little boat and your anchor catches on something. It's this rusty old basket pulled out of the ocean and after the mermaid slithers out, you find it is filled with treasures like old mercury glass, silver, coral, shells and crystals. You have found Tresors de la Mer much to your delight!

It's was handful, this chandelier and tabletop. But it didn't cost the moon, and it treaded softly on the earth; every single component is a reused item, including the IKEA table underneath it all.

Table Settings Featuring Cloches Made From IKEA Bowls,
Vintage Limoges China, and Vintage Coral-Specked Wallpaper



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